We have seen generations of women; mothers, daughters, sisters, neighbors, and friends because of our expertise in women’s breast imaging. Women’s Center for Radiology is proud to be the first facility in Florida to offer 3D mammography, a much more detailed exam than 2D mammography alone. This means Early Detection—and that’s our mission!

During a 3D mammogram, women stand in front of the digital mammography machine and multiple images are obtained to see through the breast tissue. These 3D images allow the radiologist to ‘scroll through’ the breast tissue, like pages in a book. The radiologist is then better able to see cancers that would otherwise be hidden.

Benefits of a 3D Mammogram

  • Detects 20%-65% more invasive cancers than 2D alone
  • Reduces the rate of unnecessary breast biopsies
  • Increases cancer detection while reducing false positives
  • Finds cancers earlier than digital mammography alone
  • Women report reduced compression during a 3D mammogram

Our Mobile comes highly recommended by our customers!

On the mobile breast center, WCR stresses Convenience, Comfort, and Care.  The unit features a comfortable waiting room where patients are invited to relax and complete the office check-in process.  When the appointment time arrives, the mammography tech will take the patient into the second half of the unit which contains a changing room and the mammography room.  We strive to provide privacy and individual attention to every woman who visits us.

One of WCR’s goals is to provide continuity of care for our patients by returning to clients at the same time every year so women continue to have access to quality mammography.  Please note that a minimum of 15 appointments is required to bring the mobile unit to a location.  Employee spouses and neighboring businesses are welcome to attend as well.

WCR accepts most health insurances and screening mammograms are often covered 100%.  Please check with your insurance provider for more information on mammography coverage.

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Preparing for Your Examination

  • Wear a two piece outfit.
  • Do not wear perfume powders or deodorants on upper body.
  • Bring any prior images and reports for us to compare.
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